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Your hosts

Beat Wisler is quintessentially Bernese, a true lover of life with a flair for the fine arts - he’s our creative director! He’s the chef you’ve always dreamed of with a refined sense for the subtle differences when it comes to the culinary arts. Beat’s area of expertise is not just food but also interior design – a passion of his that turns a great venue into an extraordinary one! He’s a happy-go-lucky friend of people and plants alike with a sense of humour that will have you in fits in no time. 

Maik Hoppler is the personification of Swiss correctness! He is a wondrous combination of scatterbrained professor, with a sure hand for leading projects to a happy end, one way or another. Typical son of a teacher man, he likes to share his wisdom and profound knowledge of all aspects of life such as history, travelling, culture as well as peoples of the world. As our hobby sommelier of the house, he is guaranteed to match the perfect bottle to your palate which you’ll enjoy alongside Maik’s expertise on winemaking. Happiness is having his loved-ones nearby, his dogs right beside him and meticulous bookkeeping. What more could you possibly wish for!

Maik (left) and Beat (right).